5 Lessons You Need to Incorporate Into Your Life Today

Whether you’ve hit a challenging point or just want to enhance the path you’re on, you need to incorporate these lessons into your life today.

When you meet a challenge personally or professionally, ask yourself "How can I simplify this?"

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Surprisingly, the answer to minimizing the stress or demand of any situation could be as easy as simplifying it...stripping it down to the skeleton. We're often too overwhelmed when analyzing irrelevant or insignificant details and chasing fruitless paths in circles. Do you truly know the foundation of this problem? What factors are worth the most attention to solve it? What information is missing? Returning to the basics may lead to a fundamental answer. Don't move forward until you understand the root/intent of your focus and prioritize the most important elements.

Find what nobody else wants to do and do it

Personal Trainer Wisdom: When you need to create value for yourself, step forward with pride, bravery, and diligence and do the things that most people avoid. People will notice you among the masses and see you in a different light.

Remember that "a problem is a terrible thing to waste" (Peter Diamonds)

  Personal Trainer Wisdom: At what one point, I avoided problems or approached them with great haste. Why waste these opportunities to learn something new about someone else, your environment, or yourself though? You will develop a generalizable problem-solving ability and foster the mindset and skillset to handle future demands with more confidence and ability.

It's ok to pivot rather than completely give up your dream

  Personal Trainer Wisdom: Have you ever started a book and by page 100 realized you hate it...but continued to read and finish it anyway? I have (too many times) because I value persistence and resiliency! I will not give up...on anything...ever!!!! Is it always necessary to follow through with every goal or project though? Do you really need to finish that self-help book when you might find the answer you're looking for in another one (try Redefine Yourself :))? While it may seem like a badge of honor always to finish what you start, there are times when your effort is best used elsewhere (especially if the path is stressful or destructive). This couldn't be more applicable to your career or any dream in particular. I learned to pick a path and stick to it until death. Is that what we should do though? I don't believe we give ourselves enough leniency. At times in our lives, special circumstances necessitate a pivot...especially if you don't feel a sense of purpose or fulfillment. While I understand that you may have already invested a lot into this path (i.e., education, time, money, bragging, etc.), is it worth being miserable? You don't need to give up your dream or career completely. Perhaps you can still teach but not in a classroom of kids (corporate speaking or presentations). Perhaps you can still practice law but not in a private firm (state's attorney office). Your path doesn't need to be linear, but it should move forward productively and happily (why not?). Adjust when needed.

Remember that winners fail all of the time

  Personal Trainer Wisdom: We accumulate wisdom through error and the most successful entrepreneurs fail all the time. Learn from your failures to take the right approach. You never know what that experience will teach you.

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