"65% Of Dieters Lose Weight When They Eat This For Breakfast" Review

I nearly spit out my coffee when I saw the image for this article this morning. Are they inferring that this breakfast will lead to weight loss? Read to learn their reasons why they think so (from the article " 65% Of Dieters Lose Weight When They Eat This For Breakfast ").

What's missing?

When you're wanting to lose weight, breakfast always feels like the best place to start reexamining your diet. After all, if you adequately fill up in the morning, you're way less likely to feel peckish at your desk by 11 a.m. and start reaching for whatever's within arm's reach.

The single food countless nutritionists recommend eating? Eggs. With six grams of protein a pop, eggs will fill you up - and keep you satisfied, which is key - without weighing you down. One study published in the International Journey of Obesity shows that men and women who ate two eggs for breakfast (as part of a reduced-calorie plan) lost a whopping 65 percent more weight than those who ate a bagel breakfast of equal calories. What's more, the egg eaters also felt more energetic.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Alright readers…what are the questions that you need to ask before accepting eggs as the weight loss miracle? Here you go:

Where was the study conducted? Were the participants people or animals? How many participants? How do you define this population (i.e. age, gender, region, medical history, etc.)? Were they reflective of the general population? How were the participants’ general diets controlled? Could other changes in the participants’ diets skew these results? Does this study indicate that the participants had a protein deficiency? Did participants lack energy before this study because of this nutritional deficiency? Will the consumption of eggs lead to an increase in energy? Would the participants experience the same results with a plant-based alternative (with the same number of protein grams)? How were the eggs prepared? Participants ate the eggs as part of a reduced calorie plan. No matter the change in foods, would the same participants lose weight because of this calorie reduction?

The Yolk

And if you're one of those people who still thinks it's necessary to order an egg white omelette to stay on track, nutritionists are urging you to eat the yolks: They can, in fact, contribute to weight loss and help increase good HDL cholesterol levels, while being a solid source of nutrients like vitamin B12 and choline (essential for your cells to function properly). So skip the bowl of multigrain cereal and get yolked.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: If you eat animal, you should definitely choose the most nutrient dense options. Outside of fish, I would recommend eggs...with yolks. If you're worried about cholesterol, maybe it's time to cut out the shrimp, steaks, and dairy you're eating during your other meals. I'd like to know why the article's nutritionists claim that egg yolks will help you lose weight, though. Based on our questions above, what do you think? The author mentioned the nutritionists to add credibility to this claim but failed to provide a clear, scientific reason. Continue your research before accepting these results.

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Delish.com - Will adding eggs to this breakfast plate be the weight loss answer? This photo seems to infer that a simple substitute of eggs for your normal simple carb choice will lead to weight loss. Is this still possible with pancakes, bacon, toast, and a creamy coffee? My educated guess is that any change will be minimal, if at all. Careful with what is being sold here.

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Author: Michael Moody Fitness with excerpt sourced from the article " 65% Of Dieters Lose Weight When They Eat This For Breakfast " on MSN.com.