"Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories" Review

While I would rather that my personal training focused on dietary habits to lose weight, there's nothing wrong with finding creative ways to burn off the fat. Here are several ways from the recent fitness article "Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories" to wipe away undesired calories.


100 calories in 27 minutes

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Please keep the following stats in mind: 54 minutes of bowling = 200 calories, 3 Miller Lites during that time = 288 calories. While bowling could help you burn calories, be mindful of how you enjoy the experience :)


Walking at 4 miles per hour (a fairly fast pace) will burn 100 calories in about 18 minutes.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Have you visited Europe and returned home surprised that you didn't gain weight? You can most likely thank your shoes. While most of us indulge on our urban vacations, we tend to walk more than usual (despite our indulgences). Replicate the results at home (except the indulgences)! Pretend you're in Paris while walking the dog. No croissants, please!


Just 14 minutes of normal swimming will burn 100 calories. Engaging in more high-energy strokes, like the breaststroke, will torch 100 calories in eight minutes.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Swimming is always a great low impact, cardiovascular activity for anyone (especially if you are dealing with an injury). Make Michael Phelps proud and stretch the 14 to 56 minutes to burn 400 calories.


cooking for 33 minutes will burn off 100 calories

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Now this is motivation to start cooking again!!! The key is to avoid snacking or picking at the food while preparing your dish.


Fourteen minutes on a stair step machine will burn 100 calories, but the stairs in your house, apartment or office work just as well.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: All of my personal training clients are well aware of my love affair with the stairs. It stands tall among its competition because of the low impact muscular and cardio endurance benefits. The best part? They are everywhere! You don't need to go the gym! Be sure to keep your chin up and refrain from leaning forward, though. Don't create an imbalance while trying to improve your fitness.

What are other easy ways you burn calories to achieve your weight loss goals?

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