"20 Ways to Ensure Workouts Happen Every Day" Review

With winter quickly approaching in Chicago (yikes), you'll probably look for every excuse to not exercise. I don't blame you!!! You need to trick your brain into getting in shape! With or without a Chicago personal trainer, try the top 10 ways to ensure that your workouts will still happen (from the article 20 Ways to Ensure Workouts Happen Every Day)!

1. On Sunday, map out your weekly workout plan so you know exactly what you're doing each day. This saves time trying to decide, "Hmm, should I go for a run or ride my bike?" Mix up your workout routine to keep you excited, and have alternate plans for outdoor workouts in case it rains.

2. Sign up and pay for classes ahead of time - it's much harder to skip out when you know you've already shelled out $20 or more (or even better: A personal training session :))

3. Get your workout done first thing in the morning so your busy schedule doesn't get in the way of your workout.

4. If you're not a morning exerciser, wake up early to get 30 minutes of work done so you can steal away later during the day.

5. To save time and motivate morning workouts, wear part of your gear to bed, including wicking socks and workout pants. If you're already wearing it, you'll be less likely to skip out.

6. Be OK with less intense workouts. Even a relaxing stretch session counts as moving.

7. Instead of taking a lunch break, hit the gym or take a class, then eat your lunch afterward while working (make sure it's already made so you don't have to waste time going to pick up lunch).

8. Set an alarm on your phone with a meaningful message such as "Busier people are already at the gym," "You know you'll feel better afterward," or "Today's choices are tomorrow's body (I use the phone app "Simple Routine").

9. Follow the five-minute rule. Even on days when you're not feeling 100 percent, set your timer and go for five minutes - chances are that once you get moving, you'll be inspired to keep going.

10. Don't beat yourself up if you miss one day or maybe even half the week. Tomorrow is a new day, a chance to make a fresh start. So get right back on that exercise-every-day wagon.

What other ways do you use to ensure your workouts happen every day? Do you agree with these suggestions? Which points would you remove?

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