22 Ways to Make Your Home and Street Safer in Chicago

With the recent increase of crime, there's no better time to make your home and street safer. Here is a quick list of ways to deter any uninvited guests:

Increasing Safety on Your Property

-Lock the doors and windows of your cars and homes at all times (only keep inaccessible windows open).
-Triple lock your patio doors with the door lock, bolt, and a stick and install door plates on the other entrances.
-Install an alarm system and display signs and stickers on your property.
-Install live cameras and display signs on your property.
-Lock access gates to the back of your property.
-Place your exterior lights on your patios and front stairways on a timer starts at dusk. The street lamps shouldn't be the only lights that turn on after sunset.
-Install motion sensor lights on the sides and back of your property.
-Pull down your curtains in the evening and/or remove valuables visible outside of your windows.
-REPORT a crime after it occurs to increase police attention to your street.

Bringing Your Street to Life and Making It a Community

-Say hello to a neighbor or any one on your street when you see them.
-Turn on patio/exterior lights to minimize blindspots (the street lamps aren’t enough light).
-Build a community to exchange ideas, organize events, etc.
-Contact owners of unkept properties (i.e. the empty lot).
-Organize quarterly events to increase communication among neighbors and to create more presence on the street including an annual garage sale, block party, neighborhood cleanup, holiday events, etc.
-Add neighborhood watch signs up and down the block.
-Build a relationship with the alderman to close off dangerous pathways.
-Invite an officer to provide a safety assessment. Ask local law enforcement to a street sponsored event to give safety tips.
-Encourage your neighbors with cameras to also post video monitoring signs and register their camera with local law enforcement (for crime review when necessary).
-Develop an immediate response phone tree.
-Help residents create a less appealing appearance for burglaries (i.e., lights on timers, electronics away from the windows, etc.).
-Beautify the neighborhood (i.e. create areas for gardens).
-Help nearby streets take the same steps.

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