4 Quotes That Changed the Way I Approach my Day

While reading Tim Ferriss’ book Tribe of Mentors, I often find many useful insights to integrate into my life. None have been more valuable than these four quotes.

”Live. Give. Forgive.” – Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Live, give, and forgive are three simple words that have steered me away from too much ego, anger, and pain. Extending beyond my “ego” not only has enhanced my life with thought-provoking experiences but the intent of “giving” has led to a new purpose and foundation of empathy. Although it’s always a work in progress, forgiveness is also equally important and has been an extension of this new empathy (as well as acceptance).

”One distraction I’ve learned to avoid is consuming media that’s just telling me things I already know and agree with.” – Julia Galef

Personal Trainer Wisdom: A thorough dissection of the information I often seek out from the media reveals my tendency towards pundits that support my personal perspective. How can I become more enlightened if I don’t identify my tendency to focus on the familiar and examine multiple paths of thought? With a heightened state of awareness, I know I can identify these trends before I foster my typical narrow perspective. I realize that I don’t need to agree with all positions, I should respectfully consider all factual evidence to create a fair judgement (not an unsubstantiated opinion or the typical pundit rhetoric).

”When something goes badly, I don’t automatically assume I did something wrong. Instead I ask myself, “What policy was I following that produced this bad outcome, and do I still expect that policy to give the best results overall, occasional bad outcomes notwithstanding?” If yes, then carry on!” – Julia Galef

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Life is a series of processes that often intertwine with many controlled and uncontrolled factors, as well as interesting coincidences. The results may become surprising outcomes. Despite any result, the process warrants an examination for the sake of replication or avoidance. It may help me help avoid many false positives.

”The moment I start one of these three behaviors—blaming, complaining, or gossiping – I become negative. It’s a sign of avoiding what I am responsible for: my life.” – Aniela Gregorek

Personal Trainer Wisdom: When I blame, complain, and gossip, I now realize that I’m negatively spewing rhetoric beyond the basic awareness of a challenge or problem. I may still express disgust or distaste of an identified state of being or result. Anything beyond the initial reaction, though, I require myself to change or avoid it. My blaming, complaining, and gossiping are nothing but fruitless forms of disrespectful banter contributing to a negative atmosphere (even if it’s directed at something negative itself). Instead, I try to start from a place of compassion and empathy.

Photo Credit: The Happy Pear on Twitter